The Smooth, Short, Standard Jacket

The Smooth/Short Jacket

Made using the 4 way stretch cloth, It allows us the tailors to fit and cut the suit to the dancers body bu
t at the same time gives the dancer comfort. In appearance the fabric looks traditional and is very black. It has the advantage of being light weight and we no longer have to use pads in the shoulders as the fabric stretches across the canvas. The back fit again because of the cloth stretches from the middle of the back to the elbow when in dance hold, elevating the need of any fabric drape that would be needed in a none stretch fabric. We no longer use sleeve lining as this cloth can be fitted as close as the dancer requires to the arm. In construction this jacket is made the same way as the tail suit. It has a canvas and full satin collar and is a fully tailored item.

 Sleeveless option is available upon request.


The New Concept Jacket;

Again we use the 4 way stretch cloth but no lining, canvas or pads we only use this fabric in the construction. The jacket has no collar or pockets but fits just underneath the collar of the dance shirt . This jacket comes with or without sleeves and gives a great look with a very cost effective price.