When you are taking measurements;

Take a full height measurement in dance shoes

Take the tape measure around the chest and record that measurement

Move the tape down to the waist and record the size

With the feet closed move the tape down and over the seat

Take the largest measurements

The tape measure should never be pulled tight


We now want the lengths;
With the arm out to the side measure under the armpit to the wrist bone

Under the armpit down to the waist

Under the armpit down to under the seat (bum/hips)

Under the arm pit to the bottom if the knee

Under the armpit to the ankle

PDF -2- Tailsuit Measurements

PDF -5- Female Measuring Chart


The U measurement;
Take one end of the tape from the front of the bottom of the  neck , down the body , under the legs and record the measurement as the other end of the tape meets the back of the neck . 
The person you are measuring is sitting in the middle of the tape U

PDF -1- U Measurement


All that's left now is the width of the neck and wrist .

Good luck . If any of the measurements do not seem to be right when they are sent through to us, Our Team will contact you.

PDF -3- Jacket Elastic Guide (Images)

PDF -4- Jacket Elastic Guide (Text)