Ladies Made to Measure

Pure Class garments are synomymous for their unique style and quality, attention to detail using beautiful cloths and fabrics.

The Garment is made from the finest materials to give you the greatest comfort and is cut and stitched to our exacting standards.
The design is backed by over 25 years of tailoring and couture knowledge along with over 35 years of competitive dance experience at the highest level.
We have something for every occasion and level of dancer, whether it is a competition, social dance night, your regular practise evening or lessons you can go with confidence and style, 
Our range has been put together with the dancers needs first, the cut, fit, style and quality speak for themselves, Whether you want a Practice Outfit, Latin Dress or EveningWear  the PURE CLASS range has it covered beautifully, Call in and try on and you''ll understand why we call it PURE CLASS you won''t belive how good it look''s and feel''s.
We hope you will have a great deal of pleasure wearing this Pure Class product and look forward to your comments and meeting you again very soon.