Tail/Smooth Suits & Jackets

Made using the 4 way stretch cloth, It allows us the tailors to fit and cut the suit to the dancers body but at the same time gives the dancer comfort . In appearance the fabric looks traditional and is very black . It has the advantage of being light weight and we no longer have to use pads in the shoulders as the fabric stretches across the canvas.

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The Competitors Cut

Over 30 years of development and change making and dealing with the worlds very best. The ever changing cut and image to what the dancer requires for the dancing style of the current day. It's important that the suit is cut to match the silhouette of the partnership not only the individual. Advice will be given and cloth choice will also have a bearing of the look that will be achieved.

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MTM Teen Wear

"From Boys to Men"

Don't worry boys you have not been left out ! Anything you see on our web page we can make in your size or design something specifically for you. 

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Juvenile Wear by Pure Class!

Here in England at Pure Class, from tailors and seamstresses, not only have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing but back it with a knowledge of dance. Our unique partnership that provides a perfect combination for your Juvenile Attire. "Pure Class made with Love"

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Pure Class Trousers

"The Latin Trousers That Won't Let You Down!"

The best 4 way stretch fabric and without doubt this is what we recommend. It allows us the tailors to fit and cut the trouser to the dancers waist and seat but at the same time gives the dancer comfort. In appearance the fabric looks traditional and is very black and is a perfect weight.

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PureClass Disclaimer

If you require any more information or have any questions about our site’s disclaimer, please feel free to contact us by email at info@pureclassbespoke.com.
Disclaimers for www.pureclassbespoke.com
All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. 

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MTM Ballroom & Latin

The Garment is made from the finest materials to give you the greatest comfort and is cut and stitched to our exacting standards.The design is backed by over 25 years of tailoring and couture knowledge along with over 35 years of competitive dance experience.


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Reconditioned Tailsuits

Recon Suits...How we make it work.

Here at Pure Class we cut and make 6 suits on average every week and always keep the details of the customers, sizes and body structure. If you could give us your ideal budget and your maximum budget, We will see what is available and what your options are.

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*New* PC Collar Set

Pure Class have a fantastic and unique new collar, stud and bow set. The collars, bow ties and studs have been completely redesigned to fit the shirts better, be more comfortable and also look much cleaner and neater not showing the neck band of the bow tie.

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